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The Power of the 401(k)

Ensure your employees are retirement-ready.

Topics Covered

Piggy bank

The 401(K) Path to a Successful Retirement

The 401(K) Emotion
The Power of Auto5
The Safe Harbor Match

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Setting Your Employees Up for Success

Your Role as a Fiduciary
How Fees Affect Returns
Controlling Fees and Expenses

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It’s Not Retirement, It’s Desirement

The “Paychecks for Life” Principles
The Desirement Mortgage Calculator
The Desirement Planning Process

About the Author

Larry D. Adams, CPFA®, AIF®, is a partner and senior financial advisor at FJY Financial. Since entering the financial industry in 1986, he has been dedicated to serving his clients as a trusted advisor by helping them gain clarity about the fi nancial goals and values that are most important to them.

As a Certified Plan Fiduciary Advisor, Larry has an expertise in helping business owners design a qualified retirement benefit plan for their company. He has guided retirement plan sponsors to successfully navigate their fiduciary responsibilities while also delivering best-in-class retirement solutions for their employees. As an investment advisor to the plan, he is also able to provide access to FJY’s investment research and recommendations.

Larry has made it his professional purpose to ensure that entrepreneurs who run small businesses fully understand how they can help their employees achieve financial independence in the retirement planning process.

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