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Teachable Moments: Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain lived on the edge, died without warning, and left his family with many unanswered questions and decisions to make. On June 10th Scott Martin, a contributor at the thewealthadvisor.com posted an article entitled “Anthony Bourdain Left Loved Ones in Limbo but the Heirs Will End up Better Than Michael Jackson’s.

Among his findings:

Unlike Michael Jackson, Anthony Bourdain did not leave his estate with $400 million in debt. Notwithstanding, it’s unclear whether he left a will or whether he made arrangements for someone to manage his legacy for the benefit of his 11-year-old daughter going forward. And, he doesn’t seem to have finalized the divorce from his second wife, so she may be entitled to as much of the residual income, copyrights on the books, and publicity rights as qualify for the marital deduction under New York Law!

Marjorie Fox