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Team Spotlight: Bob Amoako

The latest installment in our Q&A spotlight session where we sit down with members of the FJY team to find out a little bit more about what exactly they do here and what makes them tick.  

In this spotlight we get to know our new Associate Financial Advisor:


Bob Amoako

What attracted you to the financial services industry?

I studied finance in school because I loved the challenges and the impact it can have on people. From dreaming about money to making it, I realized the power of financial literacy and the importance of having a direction to reach those goals. I was able to fund half of my college expenses because of it. I chose the planning part of finance because I love human interaction and conversations. A goal achieved feels sweeter when you know how you got there and I want to help clients feel educated and confident with their financial decisions.

What is your favorite sport?

It is a tie between football and soccer. I fell in love with soccer at the age of 4 when I watched Ronaldinho in the 2002 World Cup. He inspired me to go outside and try those tricks of his. I got into football when I moved back to the states in 2006. I instantly became a WFT fan and also became the first organized sport I played.

What defines success for you?

Success to me means that I have an opportunity to live a rich and fulfilling life that benefits society at large. From my work to contributions in my community, I want to be a part of positive progress for issues that are important to me.

If you could meet anyone dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Martin Luther King because he never lost hope and love for humanity in a time when it was easier to. I would want to ask him about his inspirations and the power of patience.

What is your favorite part about working for FJY (so far)?

The people here care about me personally and professionally and make it easy to fit in.