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Where Will You Live In Retirement? 3 Things To Consider

Envision your retirement – where will you live? Are you enjoying an ocean breeze, or relaxing in the mountains? You could stay in your home where you’ve built a community, move to be near your kids and grandkids, or you could set off on a new adventure. You’ve spent your life working hard to get to this point, deciding where and how to spend your retirement years should be exciting.

There are many factors to consider in relation to how your next chapter should unfold. In order to get to where you’re meant to be, it’s important to be organized, do your research, and ask the right questions.

You Are Not Alone

Keep in mind that you aren’t the first to make these decisions. While the details may feel daunting, it’s important to stay rooted in who you are and what you plan to accomplish. Maybe to you retirement means relaxation, a peaceful slowing down from the hectic pace of working life. It could also be the opportunity to take a chance, try new things, and explore unknown territories. Either way, retirement is the start of a new chapter.

Your assets and finances should be manageable, not stress-inducing. Having a dedicated financial professional in you corner can help ease the burden and empower you to live your life fulfilled in retirement.

3 Considerations When Deciding Where to Live In Retirement


Being aware of what you can afford and how your finances will impact the details of your retirement is key when it comes to the location of your new home.

For some people, living in an area that offers more tax freedom is a non-negotiable detail. There are currently seven states that do not have personal state income taxes, while another twenty offer considerable tax breaks on retirement income.1

Also keep in mind upkeep and insurance for your home. If you decide to live in a coastal town you’ll need to think about storms, in colder climates the ice and snow may cause damage.

Keep these financial considerations in mind when deciding how much home you’ll buy. Ultimately, focusing on your life plan will lead to happier years ahead.


You may be dreaming of hosting Sunday family dinners with your grandkids or being closer to siblings, cousins, and other family. Retirement presents a great opportunity to move closer to your loved ones.

If you don’t have a close bond or if your family is just too spread out, embrace being solo. Take this time to truly get to know yourself and meet new people. If you’d life a little space to stretch but still want to visit family often, check how easy traveling to and from your desired location is.


Location, location, location! We hear it all the time as we buy or sell property. Doing research on your potential next home should involve delving deep into the details of the specific location. Are you looking for somewhere with walkability, amenities, and lots of community activities and organizations? Maybe you prefer to be closer to nature, or maybe you like the hustle and bustle of town, either way be sure to do your research to see what the area offers.

Another thing you’ll want to consider is the ease of access to, and quality of hospitals. We may not like to talk about it but being older means that good medical care is more important than ever. You may be healthy now, but illness and injury can happen fast, and when you least expect it. It’s better to be prepared and have the care you need close at hand.

Companionship is Key!

As we get older, we begin to understand just how difficult it can be to meet new people and build impactful relationships. It can be tough connecting with just anyone. But, there is still a tremendous amount of life to experience and doing that alone can be just as difficult.

If you’ve built and kept friendships or remain close with your family members and loved ones then you are truly lucky. If you are less surrounded by close companions, this is your time to try something new, join a local meet-up group, or consider moving to a community that provides endless opportunities to meet others.

Retirement should be an exciting chapter in your life and by preparing for the details of where you will spend this time, you will flourish for years to come.



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