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Gift Guide For New Homeowners

By: Baylee Alerding

Buying a new house is a momentous occasion, and we mark this rite of passage by giving new homeowners gifts to help turn their house into a home. But, deciding what to give can be difficult. We’ve gathered a list of our favorite gifts for new homeowners.


Traditional Housewarming Gifts: Bread, Salt, & Oil

In every part of the world, people have different traditional gifts for new homeowners. From pineapples to brooms, there are many presents that symbolize your wishes for a new home. Three of the most common of these gifts are bread, salt, and olive oil.

Here are their meanings: 1,2

  • Bread – Bread is given to new homeowners to express the wish that their home never knows hunger.
  • Salt – A gift of salt is for a life full of spice and flavor.
  • Olive Oil – For wishes of health and well-being, new homeowners are given olive oil.

You can combine all three gifts to present a basket that expresses all your hopes for the new home, plus it makes a tasty snack.

Other traditional gifts and what they symbolize:2

  • Honey – So they may always enjoy life’s sweetness.
  • Houseplants – So their home may be full of life.
  • Rice – So the love in their home may multiply.
  • Candles – So there is always a light in the darkest times.

Other Housewarming Gifts

While traditional gifts are meaningful and symbolize a great deal, a more practical or modern gift may be appreciated. If the new homeowners are just starting out, they may love a gift that adds to the functionality or design of their home.

If you want to go a less traditional route and gift the new homeowners with something more practical, these make great options:

Kitchen Gear:

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s a central spot for everyday life as well as parties, holidays, and birthdays. It’s likely that the kitchen is where many of the best memories will be made. For this reason, kitchen items are always a valuable gift. Some items can be customized which adds personality and character to a new kitchen.

Here’s a list of kitchen essentials that new homeowners may find useful.

Art and Decor

Without art and other decor, a home can feel bare and a little empty. The decorations and interior design of your home is what makes it yours. You can show off your personality and what’s important to you through your choices. A cool piece makes a great gift that helps the new homeowners add a personal touch to their home.

Something Cozy

A touch of comfort goes a long way into making a house a home. Whether it’s coming back from a long day of work, passing time on a lazy Sunday, or piling on the couch for family movie night, the house should be a place where everyone can kick their feet up and unwind. Help the new homeowners bring a little warmth into their home with these cozy gifts:

Smart House

Technology makes life run smoother. There are tons of devices that help improve the functionality and even safety of a home. New homeowners will enjoy the convenience and fun these devices offer. Here are a few “smart” gift options.

No matter what gift you decide on, the new homeowners are sure to love it. Making a house a home is hard work, and all the well-wishes and gifts help create a unique space for them and their family.

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