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FJY Team Updates

In January, we hosted our State of the Firm Webinar in which we gave a few updates about our team members. We wanted to celebrate our teammates and share in their successes, both personally and professionally. We’re so looking forward to this year and all the growth it will bring.


Larry Adams

In 2021, Larry finalized the conversion of some big 401(k) plans and hit an assets under management milestone. There were a few family health issues last year, but everyone is on the road to recovery. In 2022, he is looking forward to a return to normalcy…whatever that is.

Baylee Alerding

In 2021, Baylee continued to work on our blog and social media. In September 2022, she’ll be getting married. She’s looking forward to starting a new chapter in life, and finally being done with wedding planning.

Laurie Belew

Last year, Laurie focused on continuing growth and deepening client relationships. She also continues to lead our efforts in the Operations function and helped facilitate a successful team retreat. She was able to travel with her family again. They squeezed in a lot of great trips including Italy and Glacier National Park.

This year, she’s looking forward to the teenage years (she thinks), and she is excited to watch several FJY team members grow into new roles on the team.

Alexis Grason

Last year Alexis launched her women’s initiative, Gateway to Growth. This endeavor is important to her because it connects her “why” with her continued effort to empower women with their financial lives and help them feel more in control of their future. 2021 held her longest run ever at 9.35 miles. She continues to stretch towards that half marathon limit. She also has finally been acclaimed by her family as a good cook…it only took 5 years of practice! She’s looking forward to working with more women in 2022 – getting them more involved in their financial future and helping the financial industry create a welcoming place for them!

Ann Marie Hindley

Ann Marie started at FJY in October, rejoining the workforce after 4 years as a stay-at-home mom. Shortly before joining us, she celebrated her 50th birthday with her husband on a trip to Greece. In 2022, she’s looking forward to family trips with her daughter.

Kati Krause

In 2021, Kati obtained her CFP® designation and was promoted to Financial Advisor. She also spent a lot of time with her family and had plenty of adventures setting out on many weekend road trips. In 2022, Kati is excited to continue getting involved in the Midland community and going on more trips with family and friends.

Kelly McNerney

In 2021, Kelly was voted the “Young Professional of the Year” by the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce. She was also accepted in Leadership Fairfax’s Emerging Leaders Program and served as the President-Elect for FPA National Capital Area. This summer, she is the Maid of Honor in her cousin’s wedding and will be spending a lot more time with her extended family. Kelly is excited to be a part of the training and mentoring of our growing FJY Team and leading the investment committee.

Jessica Mendoza

In 2021, Jessica helped build out a more centralized FJY Operations Department. She also survived her first year of motherhood! In 2022, she is looking forward to many new “firsts” as she and her family venture out for trips and adventures.

Alan Ness

One of the 2021 highlights for Alan was being named by Northern Virginia Magazine as a Top Financial Advisor. Another highlight was his move from Falls Church to Oakton, and seeing his youngest son is off to school. In 2022, Alan is excited about seeing our team grow.

Shelley Newham

Last year, Shelley was promoted to FJY’s Director of Business Operations and took over the duties of the Chief Compliance Officer. Recently her daughter Caitlyn made the equestrian team at Purdue University. In 2022 Shelley is looking forward to taking on the role of Mentor in her MentorHR Program.

Kyler Stephens

Kyler joined the FJY team in June, and he’s recently completed his onboarding boot camp. He has enjoyed getting involved in the community through church groups, basketball leagues, book clubs, and the DC Aggies. In 2022, he is looking forward to building new relationships with our clients and taking the CFP® exam.

Onari Tariah

Onari passed the CFP exam and was promoted to Financial Advisor in 2021. He also moved in with his long-time girlfriend. In 2022, he’s excited to be leading more client relationships and getting involved with firm webinars.

Jon Yankee

Jon’s daughter recently left for a study abroad program in Florence, Italy and his son has been thriving at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He recently took a family trip to Las Vegas to celebrate his daughter’s 21st birthday. In 2022, Jon is looking forward to watching his two energetic puppies, Charlie and Jax, continue to grow, and he is excited to be celebrating his 25th wedding anniversary with a trip to Italy.



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