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The Hidden Home Repair Bill You May Not Even Know is Lurking

A couple of months ago my friends, the Stewarts (name changed to protect the embarrassed), started receiving extremely high water bills and couldn’t figure out what the cause was. They asked their utility company to investigate, and the analysis showed that their water was running for hours during the night while everyone in the household was asleep.

Once it was determined that the leak was coming from the line that ran between the street and their home, the Stewarts were shocked to learn that this line was THEIR responsibility, not the water authorities. Since there was no way to determine where exactly on the line the breach had occurred, a team of plumbers was dispatched to dig up their lawn and drill through the concrete floor of their garage to seek it out. Did I mention they showed up at 5AM? After all that, and an $8,000 bill to boot, the Stewarts were even more dismayed to learn that the cost to repair or replace that line is not covered under any homeowner’s insurance policy, nor can it be added to one.

What the Stewarts discovered afterward, once it was too late, is that for a minimal monthly fee Dominion Products and Services will provide homeowners with a protection plan that covers both the materials and labor to replace the water line. Many factors can contribute to the line’s deterioration, including age and shifting ground, along with normal wear and tear, and many of these lines run under paved surfaces, sidewalks, sprinkler systems, or trees – which can cause repair costs to escalate rather quickly. Since it’s impossible to predict when or where a leak or failure will occur, when it happens it’s almost guaranteed to be inconvenient and costly.

Dominion also offers a Sewer Line Repair program which covers the underground sewer line that runs from the foundation of your home to the main line or septic tank, and covers any sort of clogs or issues caused by tree roots, collapsed pipe, heavy usage, or ongoing wear and tear.

For more information about what these programs entail, call Dominion at 866-328-8652.