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Team Spotlight: Laurie Belew

The second installment of our monthly Q&A session where we sit down with members of the FJY team to find out a little bit more about what exactly they do here and what makes them tick.

This month: Hailing from our Texas office, Partner and Senior Financial Planner, Laurie Belew.
(Pictured below with her husband Zack, son Braden, and daughter Katelyn.)

What are three words to describe FJY?
Authentic – we are down-to-earth people who genuinely care about each other, our clients, and our profession. We want to make things better.
Innovative – We set out to build a model firm 10 years ago, and we continue to strive for best-of-industry services, technology, and business practices.
Multi-generational – In a profession that is focused on the challenges of an approaching generation shift, we are finding success in hiring young, energetic advisors, as well as attracting the next generation of clients.

Before working at FJY what was the most unusual or interesting job you ever had?
I spent some time working as a management consultant with Arthur Andersen right after undergrad. At 21, it was a tremendous opportunity to work with executives in a variety of industries and learn from some of the brightest business professionals in the consulting industry. Each project meant a new company, a new industry, and often a new city. And experiencing the downfall of one of the oldest public accounting firms early in my career was a learning experience like no other!

What would you most like to tell yourself at age 13?
Ah – I still struggle with this one . . . Don’t take life so seriously. It is okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them, and it is important to slow down and appreciate life as often as possible.

What is the best vacation you’ve ever been on?
This one is tough! Either our 10th anniversary trip to Croatia/Montenegro last year, or my college graduation gift from my parents – a month-long tour of Europe. I think we fit a dozen countries into those 30 days, and I caught the travel bug for sure. It was a tour group, but I did not know anyone else before I arrived. It was interesting to meet new people and see lots of new places. I just wish I would have packed a smaller suitcase! Somewhere between that experience and years of consulting, I learned to pack light – I was even able to fit everything into just a carry-on for both my honeymoon and our two week trip to Croatia.

What is your least favorite food?                                                                                                            Anything with eyes – don’t put a fish on my plate if it still has eyes! I will usually try almost anything at least once, but I did draw the line when my brother tried to get me to taste cow tongue. So maybe it isn’t just eyes – I’ll say I don’t like anything that includes any part of anything’s head! Yuck!

What do you consider to be your most prized possession?
Photographs. Well, really it’s the memories. I appreciate being able to open a photo album and remember a special trip, a silly story, or even that crash down the ski hill. Even more, I love seeing moments with my grandparents and remembering that my parents were ALWAYS there (they took the pictures – thanks mom). And now that I have my own growing babies, I appreciate the reminders of how fast time flies!