Investment Management

A disciplined investment strategy is an important cornerstone in any financial plan. FJY Financial manages client portfolios through all of life’s stages. We can help with strategies for wealth accumulation, preservation, and distribution. Together, we will develop an investment strategy tailored to your financial goals and concerns. We will review key milestones to ensure your plan stays on course, and we will make recommendations for adjustments, as needed.


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We Are Not Market Timers

We do not pick stocks or attempt to forecast future market behavior, and we do not invest on the basis of the latest tip or the assumption that we can outguess the market.

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We Believe In The Science of Investing

We believe that risk and return are related, that the markets do a decent job of pricing securities, and that diversification is key.

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We Provide Access

Our clients are able to invest with some of the best institutional mutual fund managers, including Dimensional Fund Advisors, available only through a select group of fee-only advisors.

Our Clients

Young “Accumulators”: We work with young families and professionals who are saving for the future. We recognize the potential of the clients and stand ready to help them through all of life’s stages. We enjoy building relationships that will last for many decades. The typical portfolio for a young accumulator starts between $250,000-$500,000.

High Net Worth Individuals and Families: At the core of our business, we serve clients who have worked hard to build a nest egg. During their peak earning years and into retirement, we help ensure an investment strategy that supports their financial goals. These portfolios typically start near $2 million.

Regardless of portfolio size or the client’s phase of life, we focus on a diversified investment approach and help our clients maintain discipline through all types of market cycles.