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Eight Questions To Ask When Choosing A Financial Advisor: #3

#3 “What financial planning services do you offer”

This is a great question to ask a financial advisor as you go through the decision process of who you want to trust your information to. At FJY, we provide a comprehensive, customized, and integrated approach to financial planning that incorporates years of experience as well as the latest tools and best practices.

What does that mean to you? It depends! If you are nearing retirement and have not worked with a planner before, then working through goals and what your retirement will look like might be a priority. If you have a new baby and aren’t sure how best to manage cash flow or save for future college expenses, that may be the focus. What is important to know is that as a client, your experience will be customized to your needs.

Have a look at our website on Financial Planning Services for more information about some of the things we do for clients in helping them make those big life and financial decisions.