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Eight Questions To Ask When Choosing A Financial Advisor: #4

#4 “What is your approach to financial planning and investment management?”

Finding the right financial advisor is a little like match making. We follow a style and methodology for financial planning and investing that is not for everyone, and when selecting your financial advisor, your investment approach should align with that of your advisor. We are not stock pickers, or market timers. So when we are meeting with prospective clients, we hope they feel the same way about investing as we do! There are several great books on how we do business; one of the best is “The Investment Answer” by Goldie and Murray (2011).

Finding an advisor with a similar investment philosophy is vital to ensure a smooth and pleasant working experience. How would you describe your investment philosophy?

We describe our investment philosophy in full on our website. Simply put we believe 4 things:

  • Risk and return are related
  • Diversification is key
  • Portfolio structure determines performance
  • Investing successfully requires discipline

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