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Eight Questions To Ask When Choosing A Financial Advisor: #6

#6 “Will you be the only financial planner working with me?”

In case you have not seen our team before, click here to see our home page. That’s our team. No stock photography needed! 

We run a client centric firm, all clients are clients of the firm, and as clients you will have a team of advisors and support staff willing and able to assist you. You can usually expect to meet with two people from your team when you come in for a meeting, and we will provide you with the contact information for your team on day one.

As a client, having a team working for you is a great benefit, at least we think so. Our depth of staff from Paraplanner to Senior Financial Advisor give you, the client, peace of mind that if someone is out of the office, there will be someone else there to answer your question – someone who you know, someone who knows you.

 In addition to our inside team, we have spent years assembling a team of talented outside specialists to work with our clients on specific matters, such as estate planning and tax preparation.

We believe that our team approach gives clients confidence in not only the quality of the advice they are receiving, but also the depth and continuity of this advice.