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Eight Questions To Ask When Choosing A Financial Advisor: #8

#8 Could anyone besides me benefit from your recommendations?

This is a great question to ask of any advisor you are working with. The simple answer for FJY is: no. When you come to us as a new client with outdated (or no) estate planning, one of the first things we will work with you on is getting those documents in order. We are not Estate Planning Attorneys, and just like we want you to leave your financial management up to the experts (us!), we leave the estate planning up to the experts as well.

Similarly, if you are looking for insurance, refinancing, mortgages, elder care, tax preparation and advice, or other services we have a network of trusted professionals to whom we will refer you.

This is just one way that we work to provide the complete solution for your life and financial goals. If you would like to know more about what we do for our clients, please call us (703-889-1111).