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Team Spotlight: Onari Tariah

The latest installment in our regular Q&A session where we sit down with members of the FJY team to find out a little bit more about what exactly they do here and what makes them tick.

This Month: Associate Financial Advisor:  Onari Tariah


What attracted you to the financial services industry?

From a young age, I always had an interest in money management. Then, once I realized there was a career dedicated to wealth management, it was pretty much a no-brainer. Although I must confess, I flirted with the idea of becoming a soccer player on Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi’s level but soon discovered my talents clearly lied elsewhere. I like numbers and they seem to like me so I decided to pursue a career in financial services. I haven’t looked back since!

What is your favorite part about working for FJY (so far)?

What’s not to like about working with a team who share the same goal? FJY has supported and encouraged me since the interview process, let alone my official “day one.” I’ll never forget my first encounter with FJY, who are slowly but surely feeling like extended family members. We went out for drinks and every single team member was present. That spoke volumes and showed me FJY truly is a family. The icing on the cake is our clients. We have a unique relationship which extends beyond business. I believe it is because of this dynamic that we are able to provide an unmatched service model which views our client as more than just numbers.

What’s the most unusual job you’ve ever had?

The most unusual job I’ve ever had is being a godfather. I didn’t even know what a godfather should do, let alone the responsibilities. What made matters worse was interacting with children used to be a challenge for me. However, now it’s a completely different story. My goddaughter means everything to me. From going to ballet recitals, to just plain hanging out, or going trick or treating. I like to see myself as a cool/modern godfather, but she is always quick to remind me I’m not so “cool” as I like to think. When I’m with her it’s no longer a job or responsibility but rather a fun way to spend my time, as it doesn’t really matter what we’re doing when we’re together, it’s all about just bonding and being there for her.

What’s your all-time favorite book?

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, hands down. Easy! I love chocolate and my mum would use this to force me to read. The deal was for every chapter I read I would get one “Wonka Bar” in return. I loved the book so much that it got to the point where this wouldn’t satisfy my craving for chocolate so I decided to read it multiple times to get as much chocolate as possible and because I believed the more I read the book the more likely I could go to the Chocolate Factory. My mum soon caught on and the chocolate reward evaporated. I remember even using my piggy bank savings to buy “Wonka bars” in the hope that I would be fortunate enough to get a golden ticket. Alas, as it never came to fruition. Even today, I still wonder what it would be like to visit such a place or even if it is possible to bring such a place to life. I’m talking Hershey Park on steroids here. Just imagine a place with real-life Oompa Loompa’s, never-ending rivers of chocolate, and even rides partially made of chocolate. Paradise!

If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?

I love living in the DMV. It’s ideal for me, as I’m not too far from England but also get to live in America. We also get to experience all four seasons here. My only gripe is sometimes I wish people didn’t speak with funny American accents.

What’s your favorite Halloween costume from your childhood?

This is a scary one, but I had this brilliant Scream mask. It was identical to the mask from the movie Scream. What made it cool to me, at the time, was that it came with a fake heart. If you squeezed the heart it would pump fake blood around the mask which freaked people out. I remember scaring my sister and her friends at one of her sleepover parties. Classic!