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FJY News to Know #2

Here’s our FJY Take on the latest news from the past week, where we cover what’s happening in the industry and why it matters to you.

The Government Shutdown

Well, it’s official. We’re entering the longest lapse of government operations in history now that the shutdown continued through the weekend. It’s a hard political landscape for all sides to play nice, so of course, there’s criticism from both parties. While some lights in federal buildings are closed and others remain on due to the dedication of so many workers, there is a bright side. There are people working hard to minimize impact to American people. To all those businesses out there taking care of those folks not getting paid right now, you are an example to the community! We can only hope for the sake of those both directly and indirectly affected, that a resolution is reached soon. If you’ve been impacted, check out this Quick Q&A for some budgeting tips during this time.

Article Source: Washington Post

The Importance of An Emergency Fund

Last week, more than 800,000 federal workers missed their paycheck due to the shutdown. That could be covering a family’s medical treatment or prescription, childcare payment, monthly car bill, etc.  With many families in the US living paycheck to paycheck, the government shutdown is revealing the eye-opening reality of the importance of an emergency fund. Establishing a safety net for unexpected cash needs is a cornerstone for everyone’s financial stability, so it is alarming to see how many do not have it. Even more alarming: Federal employees may turn to their retirement account, their TSP, as a resource. What are your options for that and is it your best move especially when looking at the long-term?

Article Source: Washington Post

Three Retirement Moves to Make in the New Year

You’ve got all the right moves in 2019, right? Shinier hair, whiter whites, and the quickest way to lose weight. How about one area that we’re all interested in — making solid moves with your retirement dough? And the great thing, it’s only three moves that’ll put you in a solid position for your golden years. A new year means a new opportunity to set yourself up for a financially secure future. Keep in mind, these types of one size fits all are really one size fits nobody, so be sure to check in with us to personally assess short and long-term strategies to get your where you want to go!

Article Source: Motley Fool

Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos Still Wash the Dishes

If wishes came true for my spouse, I’d be one of these two guys – Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos. Why? They choose to help with washing the dishes every night. The reason? To stay focused on remaining humble and because simple daily chores point to increased creativity.

Bill Gates’ house is worth a cool $125 million. Jeff Bezos cashes in $1 billion a year in Amazon stock to fund his dream of sending people to space with his rocket company, Blue Origin. Clearly, both these guys could afford to hire someone to do the dishes for them. But both billionaires still insist on scrubbing plates themselves.

Article Source: Business Insider

4 Social Security Changes That Could Impact Your Take-Home Pay in 2019

Don’t overlook $16,728! Most retirees completely ignore this little known Social Security investment bonus. We all know that change is a constant in our lives and the better we manage that change, the better the outcome. It is no different in managing your retirement and your Social Security benefits; the nice thing is we can stay informed and ahead of the information curve with these four facts. How will the 2019 Social Security changes impact your wallet? Read more.

Article Source: Motley Fool


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