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FJY News to Know #12

Here’s our FJY Take on the latest news from the past week, where we cover what’s happening in the industry and why it matters to you.

College Admissions Scandal: The Truth Laid Bare About Legacy Families

Education has long been regarded as an equalizer and a way to increase upward mobility. However, the recently revealed barriers within these higher learning institutions beg the question: How much does your choice of college really matter? The latest admissions scandal is both revealing and sensational — putting in the spotlight some corruption behind closed doors of certain Ivy League and other desirable institutions. Find out what that means for both the wealthy and underprivileged students going to college.

Your March 2019 Financial To-Do List

Yes, we’re officially deep into 2019!  If you took off at the starting line though, perhaps you mislaid your resolutions.  It’s all about your financial goals and financial habits. With spring within reach, staying ahead financially is important for having a successful year. From filing your taxes ASAP to spending more wisely, the habits you take time to develop can have a lasting impact on the rest of your year (and lives!). To make sure everything is in order, here’s the Spring Financial Spruce-Up checklist.

Millennial Feminists are Self-Asserted Except When It Comes to Their Personal Finances

Money matters take a backseat, millennial women have confessed to UBS. To them, other responsibilities are more urgent compared to financial planning and investing. UBS Global Wealth Management polled 3,652 women globally with a minimum of $250,000 in investable assets. In most countries, more than 50% of these women deferred financial responsibilities to their spouses.  Q: Can women really break this cycle and take charge of their wealth? Keep reading to find out.


Even Without the Fed Hikes, The Dollar May Still Keep Soaring

Although “a stronger dollar” may sound like music to the ears, the president wasn’t impressed by the turn of events which further widened the rift between imports which increased by 2.1% and exports which declined by 1.9%. Chinese exports dropped 20.7 percent in February from the year-earlier period. The U.S. trade deficit reached $59.8 billion in December, a 10-year high. The widening was driven by a 2.1 percent increase in imports and a 1.9 percent decline in exports. The dollar index is up more than 1 percent in 2019 compared against 6 other currencies. Trump expressed why he wasn’t pleased with a stronger dollar:  It would make it prohibitive for the US to conduct business with other countries.  Read more here.


GE Predicts Long-Term Care Policy Rates to Increase by $1.7 Billion

General Electric continues dramatically hiking premium rates for existing policies bought in the past. The executives of GE have revealed that they expect premium increases of up to $1.7 billion through 2029. GE says premium increases are justified given a number of economic challenges, such as low-interest rates, longer lifespans, and increased healthcare costs. So, what does that mean for policyholders? Keep reading to find out more.

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