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FJY News to Know #20

IPO Season is in Full Swing, But Some Companies Aren’t Keeping Up Momentum

Uber joined fourteen other companies for the biggest IPO market week since 2015. Uber’s offering is one everyone continues to watch, given its lackluster start — especially since its IPO is hot on the heels of rival Lyft and leaped into what looks like a loss-inducing move. This is a potential lesson for budding companies on the timeliness of going public. Experts suggest the company didn’t leverage the early momentum it had by waiting too long to go public.

The Service Loan Forgiveness Program Heading Towards Deficit?

When Congress rolled out the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program in 2007, student loans seemed like a lesser burden among public servants. Recent reports, however, indicate that the program may be running into a deficit.  This will cost taxpayers more — as the government finds it challenging to recover student loan money. What does that mean for those who relied on the program to pay off their loans? Keep reading here for a detailed explanation.

Financial Advisors on the Lookout as The Fiduciary Rule Makes a Comeback

Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta has stated that his department has plans to bring back the largely controversial Fiduciary Rule. The Fiduciary Rule ran into a series of delays when it was first introduced during the Obama administration. Find out whether financial professionals who fought it so hard the first time should be worried.

Women Know What Women Want, and They’ve Decided to Get it Themselves

Women are the highest consumers of most products in the market. As such, they’ve come to identify what works for them and what doesn’t. Propelled by incidences of unsatisfactory experiences, startups led by women are on the rise — as women decide to take matters into their own hands and produce products specific to their needs. How are these women making such significant milestones?

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