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FJY News to Know #21

No Deal in Sight as U.S. and China Trade Blows in Unpredictable Trade War

A new trade war has sparked between the U.S. and China, following the series of failed economic meetings. The latest disagreement comes after China disregarded some previous concessions — causing the U.S. to respond with increased tariffs on Chinese goods. China plans to return the favor with higher tariffs on U.S. goods in the Chinese market effective in early June of this year. China is threatening to walk away from the table, even if it means hundreds of billions of dollars. Discover if there’s still a chance of a trade deal happening and why China might be comfortable walking away.

A Promising Future As Congress Pays More Attention to Retirement Savings

Congress has been putting more focus on the issue of retirement savings — with several bills presented before the Senate and the House of Representatives. This comes in the wake of the realization that most Americans are not making enough savings towards their retirement.  Their focus has been more on immediate concerns — such as a mortgage, upkeep, and servicing student loans. The proposed act seeks to allow Americans to save more and enable small businesses to start retirement savings for their workers. Find out how these proposed laws can change American lives if approved. Be sure to read our blog for a deeper dive into the SECURE Act. 

What Does Declining Birth Rates Mean for the Future Workforce?

The most recent report by the National Center for Health Statistics shows that the national birth rate took a nose dive in 2018, with a 2% decrease from 2017. The 2017 numbers hit a 32-year low with births increasing among women aged 35-44 — but dropping among women aged 15-34. With the expected impact on national population set to hit Americans in years to come, especially with the birth rate hitting a new low each year — what’s in store for the future American workforce?

Better Terms in Store for Those Seeking Federal Student Loans

The new federal student loan fixed rates took a dip with a 0.516% decrease on the interest rates. The new fixed interest rates will be 4.529% on the Federal Stafford loan for undergraduate students, and 6.079% for graduate students. This provides a bit of relief in expected monthly payments for those who will apply for the loans starting July 1st. Given federal student loan rates are fixed, this will not affect old loans. See what this means for future borrowers.