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FJY News to Know #22

Do Investors Rely Too Much on the Dow in Making Predictions?

A recent 617-point drop in the Dow reminds us what can happen in one day. A similar rise over the next three days saw all losses recovered, but the impact of the bearish move was significant. Studies reveal that investors fear a market crash in the months following a major point shift. Find out whether investors should worry every time numbers on the Dow take a dive — or if it’s just par for the course.

Long-Term Care Insurance and the Middle Class: Will More Lenient Regulations Make a Difference?

The Trump administration is looking to make Long-Term Care (LTC) Insurance more attractive to middle-income Americans with proposals that if effected, it will bring friendlier terms to private insurance. A task force including several government regulatory bodies is looking to make LTC more affordable by expanding tax deductions for policy purchases. With past waivers on taxes only benefiting high-income Americans, see whether these proposals will actually make LTC more affordable to middle-income earners.

Baby Boomers are Done with Downsizing and Rebelling Again

A new trend observed by real estate market analysis shows that many baby boomers are shelving the idea of moving out of their big houses and into smaller ones once their kids have moved out. Instead, most of them are looking to upgrade their existing homes. With the current shortage of entry-level houses and the accompanying high prices, baby boomers are finding it more economical to continue living in their current homes way into their retirement age. With most of them retiring much later than usual — and their millennial children taking longer to leave the family home — discover whether downsizing is a tradition that’s about to be forgotten.

A Bit of Planning Can Make a Positive Difference Where Your Finances Count

A recent survey by Charles Schwab has exposed the American attitude towards wealth. Even though various groups have different views on what being wealthy means, they all share one thing in common: general unpreparedness and lack of financial planning of their incomes. Find out how taking an hour each month to draw up a plan to manage your finances can put you on the path of financial success.

Personal Finance Literacy Hits the Ivy Leagues

As the government continues to seek solutions for the dire financial situation most Americans are in— thanks to student loans, mortgages, and the cost of raising a family — the Economics Department at Harvard University has begun a workshop aimed at teaching their students the basics of personal finance. The workshop is free for all undergraduate students, and the professors are hoping it will help the younger generation lead more financially independent lives. Is this a trend that other universities should pick up on?