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Team Spotlight: 2019 Summer Associates

Here is the latest installment in our Team Spotlight sessions – where we sit down with members of the FJY team to find out a little bit more about what exactly they do here and what makes them tick.

This Month: FJY Summer Associates Aubrey Billittier and Banner Steele.

Aubrey is enrolled at  Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. She is seeking a dual degree in Economics and Business Administration with a concentration in Personal Financial Planning, graduating this December.

What attracted you to the financial industry? In high school, I was fortunate enough to participate in a business academy called the Academy of Finance. As a member, I was able to take business courses through our local community college and receive transferable credit for them. During my senior year, I was given a glimpse of the financial planning industry when I completed a “financial plan” for what my life would be like in ten years. I was able to design, alter and plan for my future, which I found to be very exciting. At that time, I realized financial planning would give me the ability to hold onto my values that were instilled in me at a young age. I have always had a passion for helping others and this industry allows me to stay true to those values.

When you were a little kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? When I was little, I wanted to be a marine biologist. I have always loved the ocean and enjoyed learning about its mysteries. 

Before FJY, what was the most unusual or interesting job you had? Growing up, I have always loved the game of soccer. Once I turned twelve, I was able to become a youth soccer trainer for my town’s league. This league was where I first learned how to play and where I started to develop my passion for soccer. By becoming a trainer, I was able to teach younger kids in my community the fundamentals of the game. I stayed with this program until I was nineteen and grew to obtain the title of Lead Trainer. Serving in this role provided me the ability to work for an organization that gave me the opportunity to both teach and learn more than I ever anticipated.

If you could go back to any place you have traveled to, where would that be and why? If I could go back to any place, I would choose to travel to the south of France. I studied French for six years during school and grew a strong appreciation for the French culture. I have traveled to France twice but wish to return again to see its amazing views.


Banner is currently working on his Master’s degree in Personal Financial Planning at Texas Tech University and will be graduating in May of next year.

What attracted you to the financial industry?  As an undergraduate, I took a Fundamentals of Personal Financial Planning course as an elective through the Honors College at Texas Tech University and was captivated by what I learned. My interests were peaked by the material we were taught in class and I decided to make myself a qualified, credible candidate to enter into the graduate program. I chose financial planning as my career choice because I believe it acts as a platform and an opportunity in which I can serve people in a way that impacts them and myself in many positive forms.

Before FJY, what was the most unusual or interesting job you had?  During the day in the summer of 2018, I worked at a high-end men’s retail store from 10:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. that sold everything from pajamas to tuxedos. I decided to get another job for the summer to save up some money to pay for graduate school. For my second job, I worked at UPS as a truck loader from 4:00 a.m. until 9:30 a.m. Monday through Friday. It was a very physically demanding job where I would load about 1,200 packages every day – sometimes weighing over 100 pounds each!

What would be your walk-up song if you were a professional baseball player?  Highway Tune by Greta Van Fleet.

If you could go back to any place you have traveled to, where would that be and why?  If could go back to any place I have been to, I would travel back to Carlsbad, California. Carlsbad is the only place I have been to, where at the end of the trip I was not ready to come home to Texas. The weather is perfect year-round, the physical and natural environments are beautiful, and the beaches are incredible!