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FJY News to Know #23

Market Rallies In Response To Federal Reserve Positive Outlook

All three main market indices responded very favorably this week to Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell’s comments. The S&P went up over 500 points ! With hopes that the Federal Reserve could cut interest rates, the market is responding with a streak of consecutive gains this past week. As a reaction to the central bank being more open to easing monetary policy with the aim of improving the economy, the market behavior has shifted in light of trade tensions softening.

The Most Significant Retirement Reform in More Than a Decade

How could it help you save more? After gaining massive support in the House of Representatives, the SECURE Act is set for review in the Senate. It seeks to make saving for retirement easier for Americans by expanding options. Amid concerns raised by the Federal Reserve that more than a quarter of Americans in the workforce have no savings or pension plan in place, there’s a high chance that it may be passed into law. Find out how the SECURE Act will impact mainstream America.


What Does the New Health Account Savings Limit Entail?

The IRS has announced new limits for HSAs — effective 2020. The limits, which are higher than the current ones, have the contribution for individual coverage rising from $3,500 to $3,550. The family limit increasing to $7,100, an additional $100. Those above 55 years of age can increase their contributions by as much as $1,000. HSAs attract more tax benefits than other savings accounts in the country, with deposit, withdrawal, and build-up all being tax-free. See why you should consider getting an HSA for you and your family and how it can help boost your retirement savings.


The American Consumer Seems Unmoved by the Ongoing Trade War — But How Long Will This Last?

During a period when investors are walking on eggshells thanks to the trade war, the U.S. consumer’s confidence in the strength of their economy seems to be unshakable, hitting a six-month high recently. Consumers are not afraid to spend money on major purchases — and believe that the economy will keep growing. Mortgages are more affordable than ever, and the unemployment rate is the lowest it has been in 50 years. Should the American consumer remain optimistic — or prepare for harder times as tariffs promise higher costs?


Mortgage Rates Fall Below Average — But Americans Aren’t Buying

Mortgage rates have been on a decline lately, with the 30-year fixed rate experiencing the lowest point in 16 months — at 3.99%. The 15-year and the 5-year rates also remain below 4%. Despite these buyer-friendly conditions, the Mortgage Bankers Association reveals that the number of purchases remains low. Learn whether this trend will change with the coming continued selling season.