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FJY News to Know #25

Our Very Own Texan City Emerges as An Unexpected Economic Bigwig

A recent study by the Walton Family Foundation has placed Midland, Texas, above other major cities in the Lone Star State — such as Dallas and Houston in terms of economic dynamism. This is based on job growth, short-term and long-term GDP growth, income — and what the foundation refers to as ‘Young Firm Employment’. Midland’s fast growth has been attributed to its diversification of economic activities and a boom in its shale oil industry.  Read on to find out more about how Midland has made it to the top of the list.

Roth Conversion, Anyone?

According to experts, there’s never been a better time to do a Roth conversion. Why is that? Historically low individual tax rates and a pending reversion in 2026 to the higher rates that were in place with the new tax law. There may also be additional incentive if the popular stretch IRA, a popular estate-planning vehicle, disappears entirely, courtesy of retirement legislation being considered by Congress.

The People’s Bank of China Appears to be Breaking Tradition

The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) is known for its tight control of the country’s capital, but if the current Governor’s words are heeded, this could change. Yi Yang, the PBOC’s Governor, seems to have a more open approach which allows the public and foreign entities to get a scoop on how the PBOC carries its operations — and what exactly the Central Bank has in store for the Republic. This comes in the wake of China’s plan to allow foreign companies more access to its capital markets. See exactly what Yang is planning — and how he intends to maintain PBOC’s growth streak.

How Well Has Your Home Insurer Got You Covered?

Recent weather changes that have been wreaking havoc in several areas have many homeowners taking a second look at their insurance policies. A good home insurance company should be able to respond quickly to claims — and make accurate estimates with satisfactory compensation. The latest consumer report ratings show you the best home insurers around, based on data received from a total of 81,523 policy users. Find out who ranks best in terms of damage cost estimates, timely payments, and agent professionalism.

The Correct Mindset Could Be All You Need to Get Through Retirement Like a Champ

A common worry among soon-to-be retirees is whether or not they’re financially ready for the next chapter of their lives. However, studies reveal that financial security shouldn’t be the primary concern. Psychological readiness has proved to have more impact on how your post-work life turns out. While retirement at first glance spells freedom, it also brings along feelings of anxiety and fear. That calls for mental preparedness to adjust to a different kind of routine from what you were used to. With five identifiable stages in what’s known as the retirement transition curve, discover how you can manage each of these periods to effectively navigate your golden years.