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FJY News to Know #29

Is it Too Late to Change the Weak Second Quarter Reports?

Companies are starting to release their second-quarter earnings reports. Analysts foresee major declines, but it seems that most companies are more focused on the likelihood of the Federal Reserve cutting rates. With ongoing trade tensions and some weak global economies, big companies in the S&P 500 are looking at declines in net income. Read on to find out if lower rates will be a knight in shining financial armor.

Liquidity Problems May Be A Thorn in the Stock Market’s Side

A lot of recent financial struggles in major markets have been attributed to the U.S.-China trade impasse, but the current status of the Russell 2000 may prove otherwise. This index of small caps in the stock market is currently at its weakest when compared to large-cap indexes — such as the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones. According to analysts, a problem resulting from the trade war would affect the large caps. Small caps, on the other hand, get hit harder when there are issues with liquidity. Discover what the problem could be and whether the big companies should be worried.

After France, the UK Aims to Introduce Taxes on Large Tech Companies 

The U.K. has followed in France’s footsteps by introducing a proposal for legislation that would see big tech companies operating in the country taxed at 2%. Companies on the line are mostly U.S.-based, and the American government has responded by terming the proposed taxes as unfair. In fact, the Trump administration has begun an investigation aimed at increasing tariffs on French goods, after the French parliament imposed a 3% tax on the U.S.-based technology companies. Find out whether the U.S. government will do the same with Britain, and what this might mean for future trade deals.

School Supply Sticker Shock: How to Minimize Back-to-School Spending

Summer is almost over, and it’s time many parents started budgeting for back to school shopping. More than $82.8 Billion was used on school-related purchases last year, but many states have announced tax holidays, which may help parents avoid spending too much. These states have noted that they will exempt most school supplies from tax, including clothing, footwear, and bags. Read on to find out what offers are available in your state.