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FJY News to Know #31

Equifax to Pay Up for 2017 Data Breach

Attempts are being made to compensate the victims of the 2017 data breach that left almost half of the US population exposed to identity theft. Equifax is expected to pay at least $700 million in settlements. Affected Americans have a 4-year window period to make their claims. There are concerns, however:  Affected individuals may not be able to access reimbursement if they fall victim to identity theft after this period has lapsed. Read on to see how the planned settlement is going to be allocated. We will have more data breach concerns coming considering Capital One’s recent news!

China’s New Stock Board STAR Market Makes a Skyrocketing Debut

China’s new board for local tech firms beat expectations — as share prices rose as much as 520%. Sixteen of the first batch of 25 firms doubled their initial IPOs, with the weakest performer on the market leaping 84.22%. With the creation of $44.3 billion in new market capitalization on its debut, find out whether STAR market is going to be essential in Beijing’s goal to become technologically independent.

High Rent And E-commerce Are Both to Blame for Empty Storefronts Across the Country

A lot of vibrant shopping districts around the country have seen a hike in the number of vacant properties. While e-commerce has received the heat for putting many retailers out of business, high commercial rent also happens to be a major culprit. Residents are watching as long-time favorite establishments are closing shop. Find out what chances of survival small and medium-sized retail businesses have in the face of these two current scourges.

New 401(k) Education Program May Help Increase Your Financial Potential

Gone are the days when the quarterly 401(k) enrollment meetings were a boring recital of the benefits — and cautions against poor saving manners. The program now makes use of financial intermediaries to help employees solve daily financial issues. New topics have, as a result, infiltrated these meetings, filled with financial stability education and resources. Learn more about the five essential issues that are being discussed in the 401(k) meetings, and see whether your employer is keeping up.

Big US Tech Companies On High Alert While Under State Department Scrutiny

Recent allegations made by U.S. Treasury Secretary against Amazon.com Inc. go hand in hand with the Justice Department’s antitrust division’s decision to scrutinize large tech platforms in the country. The Treasury Secretary claims that Amazon has destroyed the country’s retail industry. On the other hand, Amazon says they account for only 4% of the retail market, with independent retailers actually thriving on Amazon.com. What are the chances these retailers will escape unscathed?