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FJY News to Know #32

The Federal Reserve is Back to Cutting Interest Rates Again:  How Does this Compare to The Times They’ve Done It Before?

Despite signs of a strong economy, the U.S. Federal Reserve recently launched an interest rate-cutting campaign for the fifth time in 25 years. Weak inflation, which has seen prices rise by 1.4% in the last year below the Fed’s desired 2%, has been termed as a concern. The risk of a recession continues to grow thanks to the trade impasse with China. A global decline in economic growth also appears to have inspired the cuts. Find out how the current economic state of the country compares to the other four times the Federal Reserve resorted to lowering interest rates.

After Sensitive Data Was Exposed in Capital One Data Breach, Here’s How You Can Protect Your Accounts

Millions of Americans have once again become victims of a data breach, with extremely sensitive personal information landing in the wrong hands. The Capital One hacker gained access to private details of more than 100 million Americans and six million Canadians. Exposed information includes addresses, credit scores, balances, and names. The affected group consists of people who applied for Capital One credit cards between 2005-2019. Learn how you can protect your money and prevent the chance of falling prey to identity theft.

Amazon and Walmart Pale Before the Much Smaller Costco

On the list of the world’s most valued brands, Costco comes at number 62, with Amazon leading the pack and Walmart resting at a comfortable 32. The figures on Wall Street, however, show that the much smaller brand has been beating the two giants. While Amazon’s shares have gained 30.80% year-to-date and Walmart’s stand at 23.59%, Costco’s have been soaring at 38.94%. Costco is leading on Main Street, too, in terms of customer satisfaction. It has a ranking of 83 — while Amazon follows at 82 and Walmart at 72. Is Costco’s smaller size a blessing in disguise, or what exactly are they doing differently?

What Exactly Happened This Week Across Global Markets?

It certainly has been an eventful week with many factors in play affecting the markets. With so many things to keep track of, we’ve broken it down for you:

  • U.S. equities slumped while Bonds surged early in the week
  • Policymakers cut rates in New Zealand, India, and Thailand, spurring volatility across currency markets
  • The 30-year Treasury yield broke records, coming in on an all-time low
  • On Monday, the S&P 500 closed at 2,844.74 and closed out yesterday at 2,938.09

What does it mean? Stay tuned. We have to keep a close eye on the trade war, tariff battles, and what policymakers around the world do in the wake of the shakeup.