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FJY News to Know #39

File Your FAFSA Applications, Fast!

October 1st marks the beginning of the application season for Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students can file their applications until June 30, 2020, but there are benefits for doing so early. For instance, some federal student aid funds are depleted way before the set deadline. Others like the state grants have earlier deadlines. Find out why you should file your FAFSA as soon as possible after 1st October. Also, learn which year’s tax and income information will be considered.

Is the U.S. Immune to a Thomas Cook-Like Travel Nightmare?

The British travel company Thomas Cook recently collapsed — leaving thousands of its customers stranded abroad. The company went down after failing to raise funds to repay its creditors. As one of the oldest travel companies in the world, its fall begs the question:  Is this something international travelers should worry about? Read on to find out how you can protect yourself in such a predicament — and what the probability might be for U.S. travel companies to share the same fate.

Hard Times On The Stock Market: Exactly What Are Investors Looking For?

Endeavor Group Holdings Inc. pulled its planned IPO offering on Friday — a move that’s been linked to Peloton’s poor performance on its stock market debut. Peloton, a virtual cycling class company, saw its IPO price drop by 11% on its first day of trading. Endeavor’s pullout comes after a similar move by WeWork’s parent company earlier on in the month. Find out more about the recent trend by investors to shun big companies that lack profits.

New Homes Taking Up Huge Share of Rejuvenated Housing Market

The housing market is a sector that’s highly sensitive to interest rates. As such, the move by the Federal Reserve to cut rates twice in the last two months has breathed new life into it. New home sales increased by a whopping 7.1% in August, thanks to a sharp drop in mortgage rates. The month also saw a 12-year high of housing starts and building permits, just shortly after the first-rate cut in July. Discover why new homes still under construction are suddenly grabbing the biggest share of sales in the market.

Financial Transaction Tax Set to Hurt Retirement Savings

A proposed Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) may find American taxpayers losing huge chunks of their retirement savings — if current bills in Congress are passed into law. Ironically, proponents of the bills intend for the financial burden to fall on Wall Street, and not on ordinary Americans. Discover what a white paper drafted by Georgetown University Professor James Angel, Ph.D. has to say about the real impact of the FTT on regular working Americans.