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FJY News to Know #42

Fisher Investments Continues Losing Clients Following CEO’s Offensive Remarks

Fisher Investments has lost a total of $1.2B in client assets after insensitive comments by its CEO Kenneth Fisher. The offensive comment directed at women has seen multiple investors pull their funds from Fisher’s money management firm in the last week and a half. Iowa Public Employees’ Retirement Systems is the latest to terminate its contract with the firm, with several others saying they’re in the process of reviewing their relationship with Fisher Investments. Find out whether an apology issued by Fisher last Thursday is doing any good at stopping the exodus.


Here’s Why You Should Consider Re-Enrolling for Medicare This Year

The Medicare Open Enrollment period that runs from October 15th to December 7th gives beneficiaries a chance to re-shop their medical coverage. However, after their initial enrollment, many retirees don’t change their coverage. That could be a costly mistake, as enrollment allows you to compare and switch plans if need be. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has projected lower costs for Medicare Advantage and prescription drug plans in 2020. Moreover, special needs enrollees will have additional supplemental benefits. Read on to find out why re-enrolling for your medical coverage could be more beneficial.


The Consumer Comes to the Rescue of Banks, While IPOs and Interest Rates Flop

Recent earnings reports from big banks indicate that growing consumer spending is responsible for the better-than-expected results. Contrary to the possible recession, the U.S. consumer has been spending more on new cars, houses, and credit cards. That has strengthened many banks in the face of lowered interest rates and a failing IPO market. Discover more about what has kept the banks afloat in the latest quarter, and what they’re doing to deal with reduced profits — after two interest rate cuts by the Federal Reserve.


Financial Robo-Advisors Turn Out to Be More Complementary than Threatening to Human Advisors

A few years ago, there was an increased worry that passive robot advisors would completely replace human advisors in the financial industry. In 2010, Betterment was founded and went ahead to become one of the largest robo-advisor companies. The threat to active human advisors now seems to have been miscalculated, as a recent partnership between Betterment and Dimensional Fund Advisors suggests. Discover exactly how both passive and active financial management work hand in hand to benefit investors.